Every Block Has a Story

June 21, 2011

Our first product video is finished and I’m excited about it. Since it’s founding over 40 years ago, Environments has been dedicated to traditional learning through the use of manipulatives and a belief that children learn through natural interaction with their environment. Creating an environment that is beautiful, nurturing, safe and appropriate has been our focus since day 1. To that end we have a catalog full of items that are well-made, standards-based and inviting to use. From our unit blocks to our classroom equipment, each item has a story and a specific purpose in a child’s creative play.

Our first product video shares the story of our classic playhouse and play furniture. The materials are designed to be open-ended and to inspire “play without boundaries” for pre-toddlers and up. There are no batteries. No plugs. No room dividers. Instead the playhouse can be used with two-sided wall blocks and wooden furniture that a child can place anywhere he wants to determine his own living spaces. There are wooden block people that are easy to hold and handle. The people are representative of different ages, cultures and abilities and little people can move them about to tell the stories that have meaning to them.  Even better, all of the pieces are designed to be compatible with unit blocks to extend play/learning opportunities.

Unit blocks are still the core of the early childhood education experience. From renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright to Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers, the early experience with blocks provide a springboard for continued exploration and discovery.  It’s great to carry on and add to that tradition. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.


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